About the agency

Bennet Agency was founded 2010 by Amelie Bennet and sells the foreign rights of Nordic illustrated non-fiction, focusing on cookery, craft and lifestyle titles. Bennet Agency handles both co-editions and royalty deals and can, through close contacts with the buying and the selling publisher, create good business models.


Natur & Kultur is one of Sweden’s biggest publishers of illustrated non-fiction. They publish books within many subject areas and focus on cookery, lifestyle and gardening.

Kakao Förlag specialises in cookery and has won prizes for their excellent design and content. Kakao Förlag also publishes humour and books about Sweden.

Ordalaget is a non-fiction publisher who focuses on cookery, gardening, gift books and cultural history. Most of the titles are highly illustrated but they also publish text books on various subjects.

Lind & Co publishes mostly fiction and non-fiction textbooks, but has also been successful with humour books under the imprint Kangaroo.

BladhbyBladh is a newly started publishing house that will focus on fiction and non-fiction. They focus on strong authors and strong stories.

Ordfront förlag publishes mainly non-fiction text books but now and then they come up with brilliant cookbook ideas. Hopefully there will be more to come.

Moreeni is a Finnish publisher of non-fiction, focusing on beautiful craft and hobby titles. They publish about 30 new titles every year. Moreeni is a part of Otava Group.

Bogoo Books

Bogoo Books is a publisher that loves creativity. It’s about the love of doing something with your hands, of creating. Their books focus on handicrafts, art instruction, and ceramics.

Bookmark förlag

Bookmark förlag is dedicated to literature and its authors and strongly engages with every book. They aim to publish strong and unique lifestyle books.

Col & Col Books

Col & Col Books is a Spanish publisher that started as a gastronomic blog. Its primary focus is cooking, and it aims to share this by publishing beautiful and engaging cookbooks.

LB förlag

LB förlag publishes Swedish and international titles that entertain and affect. It primarily publishes fiction, craft, gardening and cookbooks.

Lindhardt & Ringhof

Lindhardt & Ringhof is one of Denmark’s biggest publishing houses. It publishes quality books that aim to enlighten and inspire, focusing on cooking, biographies, and history.

Muusmann forlag

Muusmann forlag is a Danish publishing house that specialises in books about personal growth, gastronomy, health, and the joy of life. The books are illustrated with beautiful photographs by talented photographers and become like pieces of art.

Norstedts Förlag

Norstedts Förlag is one of Sweden’s oldest and biggest publishers. It publishes books in many different genres but focuses on fiction, cooking, home and garden, and crafts.

Bokförlaget Polaris

Bokförlaget Polaris publishes fiction and nonfiction. It focuses on fiction and lifestyle titles and publishes strong stories by highly renowned authors.

Stiebner Verlag

Stiebner Verlag is a German publishing house that specialises in books about handicrafts and sports. They are one of the leading publishers in this field in Germany.

Tukan förlag

Tukan förlag has a colourful focus on its publications, which are filled with knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment for children and adults. They believe in reading that develops, which shows through their publications.

Turbine forlaget

Turbine forlaget is a Danish publishing house that focuses on high quality. Its publishing is broad, focusing on cookbooks, handicrafts and gardening.

Bokförlaget Arena

Bokförlaget Arena mainly publishes in photography, artwork, architecture, cultural history, and gardening.

Bokförlaget Langenskiöld

Bokförlaget Langenskiöld is a publishing house that works with promoting Sweden. They publish beautiful books about art, culture, society and history.